Which version of Python will we be running?

We will be using Miniconda with Python 3.7.

Can I use my own python packages?

Yes you can add any pip-installable packages available on https://pypi.org, simply edit the requirements.txt file as appropriate. Note that code requiring GPUs will not be supported on our server side however and offline training you want to do yourself (using whatever resources you have available) is fine. 

How long can my model run for?

There is a maximum run time of 15 minutes per model at the current time. Should your model take longer than this to generate the required predictions we will terminate execution and you will get a score of 0.

Be aware, the test submission feature *does not* check whether your model will complete under this 15 minute threshold as it loads less data than you will be provided when asked to generate your game-week predictions (~10% less). Thus if you are close to this 15 minute threshold you might pass the test submission, but timeout when asked to generate actual predictions.

The maximum runtime may be changed in the future. Any changes will be announced via the forum in advance.

When will I appear on the leaderboard?

If your submission is successful, you will appear on the leaderboard on the Monday after the next deadline for submissions. We do not accept submissions in the middle of a gameweek.

For example, if your submission was made on Wednesday 15th January, the next deadline would be Monday 20th January, so you would appear on the leaderboard on Monday 27th January.